Hi Friends! 

It's me, Aura Hart. Welcome to my Crystalarium! 

You probably want to find out how to get inside, huh? Can't blame you, it's super cool! But first you have to read my rules. Then I'll tell you the secret password ;) 


Boring Rules 

1. Enter at your own risk! Be extra careful please. The Crystalarium is super fun but there are some sharp edges and fragile things and perhaps a portal you have to climb through, so just be careful, OK?


2. Be gentle! I worked super hard on the Crystalarium and I don't want you breaking anything! I'm sure you won't, but just be super careful. Don't touch any cables or pull things apart. Thanks! 

3. Leave things the way you found them. Ugh, my Mom says this all the time. And now here I go. But I guess it's important! Put everything back and DON'T take anything out of the Crystalarium please. I just want to make sure everyone else can enjoy the Crystalarium too! 

Thanks so much for following my boring rules! OK, now onto the fun stuff.

Alright, Ready for the password?

It's..... written at the bottom of the page :) 

BUT. If you want the FUN way to find the password: solve the riddles my family left behind inside the cabins. Grandpa Ray will tell you the password if you figure stuff out.

You might even find Grandpa's hidden Power Crystals....

If you ever get stuck, just text our neighbor Blake and maybe he can help you: (949) 412-1468

Once you open the door to the Crystalarium, just flip the switch right inside the door, and... have fun! 

I big-time recommend you try the Crystalarium at night. It's super cool. 

I've been doing a lot of research on the effects  of the Power Crystals. You can try them out for yourself inside! Once you get in my room, you'll see the magical crystal station light up pedestal. Try putting my different crystals on it and seeing what happens! 

Oh, please flip the power switch off when you're done. 

Thanks friend. Hope you enjoy my Crystalarium :)