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in greater Joshua Tree

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move to the desert



Consulting to help you build your new life in the high desert.


Find a place that's right for you, help make it your home, necessities of desert life.



Help set up an amazing, high-demand, unique Airbnb to earn money. 

Connect with the community, find contractors and services.



Two years ago, Blake and Bea fell in love on their first visit to Joshua Tree. Six months later, they bought a 40-acre property in Twentynine Palms, and left LA to start a new life together.

They renovated three original homesteader cabins on the land, as well as the house they now live in. After many trials, tribulations, and adjustment to desert life, Wild Heart Ranch was founded. We now have a thriving business and a happy life in the desert that we love to share with others.


The most common question we get from friends is: I want to do this too, but, how?! Well, that’s exactly why we’ve created Welcome to the Desert. We want to pass along the lessons we’ve learned (and wow, are there many) to help you build your dream desert life. 


We hear your goals and help make them happen! 

We can help you:


  • Find the right area to live in the high desert

  • Figure out the perfect type of property

  • Give a step-by-step gameplan on what it takes to make it in the desert

  • Explain costs and create a budget for your goals

  • Develop a strategy for your AirBnB

  • Hook you up with the right people to get started

  • Explain local utilities, regulations, suppliers

  • Build the desert life of your dreams.

And much, much, much more...


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